Over time any stone surface will lose its shine due to natural wear. The scratches that cause this can be removed and your stone surface can be restored to its former glory. We also use a high quality sealer to protect your stone.


Stone floors are beautiful to look at but need regular maintenance to look their best. We recommend a maintenance program to suit your needs and keep your STONE, MARBLE or CONCRETE floor looking its best.


Natural stone is used extensively in the construction industry but still needs specialist care to get the best out of the installation and handover to realise the designers concept for the material.


We have divided our process up into 4 sections to help you visualize your project from start to finish. From the initial call to our recommendations for aftercare we endeavour to get the job completed in the most progressive and efficient way possible.

  • Initial Call
  • Site Visit
  • Carry Out the Work
  • Maintenance

Call Captain Marble to discuss any issue you have with your natural stone. We are happy to recommend a process or product for you to use to get the best from your stone. We may ask for some more details such as type of stone, size and pictures to better asses your needs.

having discussed your requirements it will be necessary to carry a site visit to determine how the works will be carried out and draw up a quotation detailing what will be done.

Arrive on site and carry out the work to the required specification.

Captain Marble will recommend a comprehensive maintenance program to preserve the finish on your stone for as long as possible.