Architects are using natural stone in the design of office buildings more and more.

This makes for some beautiful facilities and to keep the building looking in pristine condition we have found the need for a natural stone specialist to be essential.

Captain Marble is happy to survey the natural stone installed in the building and provide a free assessment of what is the best way to clean maintain or restore your natural stone to keep it looking it’s best.

Working in conjunction with the contract cleaners we will train the operatives how to use the correct products to get the best out of the natural stone floors walls or countertops.

We stock a comprehensive range of products that cover all types of stone and the issues that arise with keeping it clean and shiny.


Marble has been used extensively in hotels for centuries and add to the luxury and grandeur of a first class establishment. Some of the stone is aged and the building may even be listed. This requires expert knowledge of the correct processes and products to use to get the best out of the stone. There are many areas in a hotel where natural stone has been used including the luxury bathrooms. Despite the use of water softeners there can still be damage caused by limescale build-up soaps and other products used in a bathroom. A comprehensive restoration program can be created to keep these areas looking their best for the patrons of the hotel.


Many shops are using natural stone particularly for flooring to add quality to their in store design. These floors can be subject to high traffic and therefore need particular care if they are to remain looking their best. This will require some specialist products and treatments that Captain Marble would be happy to advise on. We appreciate that the general maintenance will be carried out sometimes by staff so easy to use products and processes are essential.



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