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Sealing is a vital part of the marble restoration services that we offer. A restoration can be made or ruined at the last stage of marble restoration by the wrong type of stone sealer being used or poor application. There are many stone sealers being sold in anything from a builders merchant to a tile supplier. Some stone sealers can produce a reasonable result if applied correctly but often the shop assistant has a very limited knowledge of marble polishing and the advice given to the customer is less than satisfactory.

Captain Marble offers a comprehensive marble polishing, marble floor polishing, marble repair, stone floor restoration and stone sealing service. We use high performance stone sealers that depending on which stone you are attempting to seal takes a high level of skill and experience to achieve the best results. If you want the best stone sealers to be used on your marble floors there are only a few stone floor restoration companies that use these products as they are expensive and difficult to apply but give the best results.


Marble repolishing does not have to remove the existing sealer and the tile can be resealed to add protection to the surface.

The protection stone sealers offer is not to be underestimated. It is not always immeadiately apparent the damage that hard water does to stone, particularly soft stone like marble and limestone, so a comprehensive maintenance program incorporating marble polishing and sealing will keep your stone looking its best.

Areas that are particularly vulnerable to the hard water in London are kitchens and bathrooms.

Some stone is also vulnerable to stains or etching. Stains can be caused by many types of food and drink so caution must be exercised when using your stone surface. Etching of the surface occurs when an acidic food or drink comes into contact with the surface this includes fluids like wine and fruit juice.

When this occurs if the food or liquid is not removed immediately it will mark the surface. However with some marble repolishing and sealing we can make the stone look as good as new.

Marble floor polishing can deliver different kinds of finish from antike, honing and shiny. Sealers can also dictate the finish with matt, satin and gloss finishes available for many different types of stone.

If your bathroom or kitchen has lost its shine due to limescale, soap residue, the wrong chemical cleaning products or just general wear and tear let marble restoration services apply its marble repolishing expertise to your stone surfaces to restore its shine and lustre.

Captain Marble are always happy to advise on which products we think would work best for your domestic or commercial application so please give us a call for a free no obligation assessment of your requirements and our recommendations.



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