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Stone surfaces will become dull over time due to natural wear and tear from use. This is usually due to the many fine scratches that appear as the surface is used from day to day. These scratches can be removed by marble restoration services and your stone surface restored to shine once more. There are many different marble restoration processes that can be applied to marble, granite or any other stone surface to re-polish it. We use only the best marble restoration high performance products that are not available at your local tile or builders merchants. Once the marble restoration is complete we reseal the stone with high quality stone sealers that give a lasting shine and a high level of protection. Marble restoration services can restore anything from a luxury bathroom to a grand hotel entrance. Captain Marble will be happy to review your requirements.


Marble Cleaning And Restoration Company In London | Visit To Captain Marble

At Captain Marble, we believe that old marble has its appeal. We additionally understand there is much more to update your home than changing the existing marble or granite. We offer full care for the costly marble that makes a house a desired home. Let’s hire marble restoration specialists to restore your old marble floors.

At Marble Cleaning And Restoration Company In London, we ensure that our quality tools, products and methods will increase the shine of your marble floor. We clean, gloss, and refinish your marble to provide a fresh and modern-day appearance. No matter what types of marble you have, we can make them new once more. Most importantly, our competitive prices make marble cleaning and restoration work according to the client’s budget.

Our Objective

We’re passionate about providing the best experience to our customers. When you hire us, you’re hiring our team who will deliver enduring value to your house. We serve our clients with professionalism, trust, and regard from the estimated price to restoration work.

Whether you need less or large restoration work for your marble floor, our extremely knowledgeable professionals will certainly manage your marble cleaning and restoration work expertly and efficiently.


Why Us?

We have an efficient and qualified team who knows all the restoration and cleaning tips for marble floors. We have a trained team to ensure that we can bring professional restoration to your home.

We can handle any kind of circumstance that your floor face. Don’t think more? Just have a look at our trusted company. We restore every marble floor, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your marble floors looking good.

Your client’s eyes will first go to your floors when they enter your place. Our cost-effective services will try their best to maintain the value and worth of your marble floors according to the customer’s budget.

Our Value

We truly believe that our dedication to excellence in our work is the reason for our success in the market. Our team inspects your marble floor carefully and then makes a plan and strategy to polish and restore it. All products and processes for restoration will be eco-friendly.

Cleaning and Repair Of The Floors

Diamond abrasive pads and water are used in our marble flooring cleaning and restoration processes. First, our team will use a sequence grit abrasive pad to grind your marble floors. After the grinding process, our team refine your marble floor with a finer grit pad. Then, Honing makes the marble area extremely smooth yet causes little sparkle. After sharpening, the result will be bright with great diamond abrasive and then a polishing powder helps to achieve the end finish on the marble flooring.

Marble Sealing

You will note the porosity on all non-resinated marble floors. This will cause a direct interaction of the stains, fluids and dirt with your floors. At this time, our team does the marble sealing process to remove all cracks and porous. We use the quality procedure to save your floor from all solvent and cleaning agents.


At Marble Cleaning And Restoration Company In London, we ensure that our marble cleaning, restoration and sealing process will run according to the nature and type of the floors. If any damages occur to your marble floor, we are responsible for recovering the issues and risks. This is why we have happy clients who repeatedly get our services.

Let's Get Trustable Services

We are waiting to hear from you. Let’s tell the dimension of the floors that you want to restore and polish. We will help you according to your budget and needs. Your experience will us remain the best and satisfied.

Do Stone Floor Cleaning In London with our professional team!

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