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Concrete polishing is an excellent way to add a bespoke floor or countertop to your project. A concrete garage floor can be polished and colour coded to give a bespoke look to your property. Concrete countertops can be cast with many different kinds of chips to add a great look to a kitchen area.

There are many different types of aggregate and colours to create a unique look to your home garage or office space. Captain Marble provides a comprehensive concrete polishing London service operating in conjunction with your architect or contractor to produce your ideal floor polished to perfection. Concrete floor grinding. Concrete floor polishing London.


Concrete Polishing Services | Maintain The Value Of Your Concrete Floor

Are you looking for affordable Concrete Polishing Services? Welcome to Captain Marble! We are UK based company and offer quality stone polishing services across London. Our builders have 25 years of experience in this industry. We are equipped with the latest polishing machines and techniques to make your floor the best.

Our Aim

We hope that you can live in the best area. So, we come here to maintain the look of your home. We are the best option if you want to install new concrete floors or improve the existing stone floors. We will bring your floor back to highly polished floors. Our polishing services do not only help to increase the look of your floor, but we also increase the durability and strength of your concrete floors.

What Do We Do?

Our knowledgeable team will lead you with the concrete polishing procedure effectively:

Diamond Grinding

We can cut your concrete flooring that has various damages. Then, we fill up the cracks and make your concrete shinier, which lowers your maintenance expenditures.
We also use the densifier when your concrete gets cracked and absorbs the chemical.


Then, we wait for the drying of the densifier. Your concrete gets bright color and brings it back to its original shape and style.

It’s Time To Hire Our Polishing Services

We do our best to please our clients. Our work will speak for ourselves. We ensure that you will get the floor you want after our polishing work.

Aesthetic Value

We will polish your concrete floor to make it look like glass. Your floor will not remain grey because we use quality dyes during polishing. This way, your floor will match the decoration of your home. Our team offers service to the automotive dealership, hospital lobby, commercial places and grocery stores.


It seems that you can get much safety from the polished concrete floors rather than the unpolished floors. Even if your polished concrete floor is dry, our work can grip your shoes tightly to increase the safety level

Floor Finishing Services

We want to maintain your floors as it is ours. We do the light grinding of your concrete floors before polishing your floors. Then, our workers examine how much fines sands and grind is needed to make the polishing process safer and more productive.


Polished concrete is a sustainable procedure that sustains a tidy and safe environment. Resilience, strength, long life, and appeal are additionally added. Our work will reduce the maintenance cost, and there is no lasting stripping, splinter, or re-polishing necessary to achieve a beautiful and tidy look. It is likewise hypoallergenic, moisture, dust mite, and fungi-proof.

Let’s Consult With Us

It’s time to use our services to make your concrete floors more appealing. We use the latest techniques and equipment for cost-saving and time manner work. Our Concrete Polishing Services ensure to deliver well-organized, diligent and safe work.


We Can Maintain, Save and Sustain

Many retail, storeroom, and workplace areas install polished concrete floors instead of standard alternatives like marble, tile, and granite by incorporating exceptional sturdiness, minimised maintenance costs, and concrete efficiency.

A Polished concrete flooring will certainly last a lifetime with proper cleaning and treatment. We ensure our polished concrete floor will not flex or fracture, needing no substitutes or complete renovations.

Hire Affordable floor services from Marble Polishing Company!

Give Us A Line

Do you want to bring your floor to its new look? Get our services by calling us at 0207 1014549, or you can send us an email at



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