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Stone Floor Cleaning And Sealing In London Maintain The Shine Of Floors

Captain Marble is your trusted partner for Stone Floor Cleaning And Sealing In London. We are a UK-based company. We offer concrete, marble, and stone cleaning, sealing, and restoration services with love. Our cleaners have 25 years of experience bringing your floors to their original look. We use natural and affordable cleaning agents to maintain the look of your stone floor.

Using original chemicals, quality tools, devices and support, we supply a lot more lasting, dependable and much better quality results at the most affordable prices.

Why Hire Us?

We do every consumer project with the sincerity and honesty needed to permit us to fulfil our consumer demands. We provide the best suggestions and tips on any type of cleansing, polishing or maintenance work.

Our customers pride us in getting the cleaning and sealing work they deserve. Our work will speak for us and you will get the results you deserve.

We do not only offer the best tools and cleaning products for your project, but we provide complete cleaning and sealing services for maintaining the look and value of your stone floor.

We care for your floor by removing dust and dirt from it. The stone floors are then coated and polished. Our maintenance and repair services will help you save money for a long period. Our effective and most affordable technique accomplishes outstanding results.


We help you make a strategy to protect the life of your stone floor. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we prioritise the work of our customers.

High-Quality Floor Care Services

We ensure that you will receive a one-to-one solution from our straightforward, friendly, dependable and highly-experienced team. Our goal is to provide our customers peace of mind by ensuring that their stone floors are cared for using the best products and services available.

As a result of your positive answer, we hope that you will be able to have the stone flooring you desire for your home, which will greatly motivate our efforts.

We succeed in the industry as a market leader by assisting our clients and producing work that is 100 percent guaranteed. We can provide the greatest job for your stonework because of our skills and expertise.

Our Work

We know that water with the high calcium material can cause efflorescence, or a white spot, to form on your stone floor. These stains will be removed with our cleaning procedure, and they will not resurface with our sealing method.

We provide a securing procedure to secure your stone surface areas from water and other fluids! Using our superior-quality sealants, you can protect the top quality of your stone floor while also making them less complicated to clean up.

Our Marble Sealing Services

Our expert group of stone technicians will certainly start the sealing task by first cleaning your marble surface from spots, dust, or particles that may exist. Oil spills and other deep stains are chemically treated with our proprietary degreases, efflorescence eliminators, and cleaning agents throughout the Marble Sealing In London procedure.


Our specialists will talk with you to pick the best sealer that fits your natural stone needs. We will help you pick easy-to-clean, self-cleaning, and eco-friendly procedures on your marble floorings. This simply suggests our sealants will not just boost the appearance of your marble floorings; they will ensure you get lasting protection with our services and products.

Hire our Marble Cleaning And Restoration Company In London!

Would You Like To Get Our Services?

Get our services by calling us at 0207 1014549, or you can send us an email at



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